BA in Jewish Studies

Our BA in Jewish Studies program emphasizes intellectual, analytical, communication and interpersonal skills - essential for success in any career. If you join us, you will explore contemporary issues of Jewish culture, identity and practice through the topics of immigration, gender, religious practice, artistic expression, politics and more. The major in Jewish Studies is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and offers students a broad but rigorous education in the humanities and social sciences.

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Minor in Jewish Studies

If you major in another subject, minoring in Jewish Studies adds an interdisciplinary depth to your undergraduate education. Our minor allows students majoring in business, the sciences, engineering, government or other CLA majors to present an exceptional academic background to prospective employers and graduate schools. Whether you concentrate on the American Jewish experience, ancient Jeruslalem or the the role of women in Jewish life, you can tailor your minor to suit your interests.

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Certificate in Secular Jewish Studies

Over the past two decades, the number of American Jews who define themselves as secular has almost doubled. Our Certificate in Secular Jewish Studies program is the first of its kind and highlights the secular, non-religious sphere of Jewish experience. A mini-minor on expressions of Jewishness in everything from politics to the arts, you’ll take courses that introduce you to the history and concept of secular space and traditions in Western culture. Jewish secularism is rarely approached as an individual subject, and few institutions devote the academic rigor and resources to it that Temple University does.

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Jewish Studies Internships

The Jewish Studies Internship course engages students trough hands-on experience with cultural, historical or religious Jewish organizations in Philadelphia’s vibrant Jewish community. You’ll work with the Director of Jewish Studies to develop an appropriate set of readings and complete a research project based on your internship experience.

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Take charge of your future and limit your debt. The Fly in 4 partnership allows you to complete your degree on time — or Temple will pay for your remaining course work. Graduating on time means your path to success starts sooner. We provide you with the resources you need to graduate in four years, like academic advising and classes offered when you need them. You commit to doing what it takes to blaze your career path in four years.

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