The College of Liberal Arts’ student body is driven by curiosity and questioning. We encourage all our students to participate in research and help create knowledge. The College of Liberal Arts offers funding opportunities each semester, including summer, to afford students to undertake critical and impactful work. Our Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs) and the Creative Arts and Research Scholarship (CARAs) are two Collge funded awards with bi-annual calls for proposals.

Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs)

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURAs). The LAURAs grant $2,000 each to undergraduate student-faculty member duos to conduct a research project over the course of a semester. Each student earns a $15/hour stipend from the grant while spending 100 hours on the project, which enables students to dedicate their time to developing research skills without having to worry about their financial wellbeing.

The Liberal Arts Undergraduate Research Awards (LAURA) creates more opportunities for undergraduate students to develop research skills by working with faculty mentors on faculty-led research projects while increasing support for faculty research in the College of Liberal Arts.

Creative Arts And Research Scholarship (CARAs)

The Creative Arts and Research Scholarship are a partnership between the Temple Research Administration and the Office of the Provost and the deans of Temple University’s schools and colleges to provide funding opportunities to encourage and support undergraduate and professional students engaged in scholarly, creative and research projects that contribute to advancing their field of study.

Senior Associate Dean for Research and Faculty Affairs:
Sandra L. Suárez
1246 Anderson Hall

Director of Research Administration:
Kimberly Fahey
1243 Anderson Hall
(215) 204-7743

Research Administrator:
Julia Erlanger
1245 Anderson Hall