We Do More Than Study Politics

Our political science degree students do more than study politics — they actively participate in it. From Temple University’s Capital Semester in Harrisburg to a course where you intern on a real campaign, our program is ideal for students ready to get to work from day one.

Take Part in the Political Process

The Department of Political Science is the ideal home for students interested in politics, international affairs and important issues like health care, the environment and civil rights. You’ll study political theory and debate how power and resources should be allocated in society.

As a political science student, you’ll also learn how to think, write, read and speak in ways you can apply to a variety of careers, helping you become a more interested, engaged and capable citizen.

Academic Offerings

World-Class Faculty

Our faculty are at the top of their fields in scholarship and teaching. Their work spans across the subfields of political science and to countries around the world.

Exciting Public Service Internship Opportunities

We offer credit-bearing public service internship opportunities for undergraduate students!

A Degree with Distinction

Our departmental honors program allows you to conduct in-depth independent research on the topics you're most interested in.