The College of Liberal Arts has a number of resources available for political science degree students. Check out our two affiliated centers for public policy research and community outreach. If you enroll as a student, we also encourage you to attend the Featherman Lecture Series, which addresses major public policy issues.

Affiliated Centers

Institute for Public Affairs

Temple University’s Institute for Public Affairs conducts, supports and disseminates interdisciplinary research to inform and improve public policy. Our research particularly focuses on Philadelphia, the greater metropolitan area and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

University Community Collaborative

The University Community Collaborative prepares and supports youth and young adults to become confident, effective leaders and creates cultures that value and integrate the contributions of youth, thereby building stronger communities.

Featherman Lecture Series

In addition to our thriving departmental lecture series, we offer the exciting Sandra and Bernard Featherman Lecture Series. This series centers on coping with and resolving major policy problems. Made possible by generous benefactors, the series features the voices of eminent political scientists who address timely and timeless challenges confronting the United States. Past speakers include Cornel West (1991), Frances Fox Piven (1998), Margaret Levi (2006), Jane Mansbridge (2007) and Edward G. Rendell (2015).

Sandra Featherman is a former member of the Department of Political Science and University of New England president. With a particular scholarly interest in urban politics, Sandra Featherman has been actively involved in the boards of over 40 community and charitable organizations within the Philadelphia area. Bernard Featherman is an alumnus of the Temple School of Business and attended Temple Law School. A former business executive, Bernard Featherman has been an active voice in public policy, serving on many boards for urban enterprise zones and community health organizations.

Past Lectures: 1991: Cornel West, Princeton University,
Class of 1943 University Professor in the Center for African American Studies
The Color Line and American Democracy: The Ongoing Dilemma

1993: Mancur Olson, University of Maryland
Professor of Economics
Revisiting The Logic of Collective Action

1996: Theda Skocpol*, Harvard University
Victor S. Thomas Professor of Government and Sociology
Civic Associations and American Democracy

1998: Frances Fox Piven, City University of New York
Distinguished Professor
Social Meanness, Welfare Reform, and the Transformation of Electoral Politics

2002: Michael Walzer, Princeton University
Professor Emeritus of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study
Just War Theory Revisited

2004: Rogers Smith, University of Pennsylvania
Christopher H. Browne Distinguished Professor of Political Science
The Anatomy of the American Racial State

2006: Margaret Levi*, University of Washington
Jere L. Bachrach Professor of International Studies
Achieving Good Government – and Perhaps Legitimacy – in Third World States

2007: Jane Mansbridge* , Harvard University
Adams Professor Political Leadership and Democratic Values
What do We Want from Our Representatives, and Can We Get it?

2010: Ira Katznelson*, Columbia University
Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History
Shaded by Fear: The New Deal and Its Legacies

2013: Jacob Hacker, Yale University
Stanley B. Resor Professor of Political Science
Is American Politics Undermining the American Dream?

2015: Edward G. Rendell
Pennsylvania Governor (2003-2011)
Philadelphia Mayor (1992-2000)
Chairman, Democratic National Committee (2000)
The Direction of National Politics and Policy

2017: Peter Dreier
E.P. Clapp Distinguished Professor of Politics
Chair of the Urban & Environmental Policy Department at Occidental College
Is a New Progressive Movement on the Horizon? Thinking and Organizing Beyond Trump

Affiliations at the time of Lecture. * Former President of American Political Science Association.