Our knowledgeable and dedicated team of professional advisors will help you find an internship as well as help prepare you for your career path while at Temple and beyond.

Anne Bayless Anne Bayless
BA, St. Mary’s College, Government and Sociology
MBA, Temple University

A proud and enthusiastic Temple alum, Anne is thrilled to support professional development initiatives in the College of Liberal Arts. Anne grew up in Evanston, Illinois, but now calls Philadelphia home. Upon completion of her bachelor’s degree in Government and Sociology, she spent two years working in Washington, D.C. and New York City on local policy initiatives, and then moved back to the Midwest to manage an employment program for homeless youth in Chicago. Eager to get back to the east coast and pursue additional education and training, Anne obtained her MBA degree while overseeing training programs for entrepreneurs in Temple’s Small Business Development Center. Post MBA and three children later, Anne joined the Fox Management Consulting team to help develop and grow their innovative experiential education model linking MBA students with nonprofit boards. Anne is passionate about the power of a liberal arts degree, and believes students should pursue their interests but also be proactive and strategic about participating in experiential learning. Anne loves helping students discover their options, become competent internship and career seekers and learn how to tap Temple’s vast resources and alumni network. When not working, Anne enjoys spending time with family and friends, exploring Philadelphia and taking road trips to beautiful and interesting places.

Special Interests: Professional Development Education, Networking, Nonprofit Organizations and Governance, Social Innovation, Business, Student Leadership

Elizabeth Anselmo Elizabeth Anselmo
Associate Director
BS, Utah Valley University, Psychology
MS, Utah State University, Psychology — Specializing in School Counseling

Liz grew up in Scranton, PA, home of the TV series, “The Office.” She moved to Utah after high school and completed both her bachelor’s and master’s before returning to her home state of PA. She initially began her professional career as a high school counselor and then transitioned into higher education by way of college admissions. She has been working for Temple’s College of Liberal Arts for the past four years in the student professional development unit where she manages internship programming. She spends a significant amount of time preparing students for professional internship opportunities, building relationships with employers in the Philadelphia area and then connecting students with these employers. She also oversees the CLA 2685 internship course for students interested in receiving academic credit for their internship experiences. Liz feels strongly about experiential learning and tries to meet students where they are and then works to challenge their comfort zone in order to facilitate both professional and personal growth. When considering an internship, she encourages students to take risks, diversify their experience, and practice a forward-thinking attitude. “An internship is a time to test the waters, a probationary period that you might not have the privilege of taking once you graduate,” she says. She currently lives in Plymouth Meeting with her husband, twin daughters, and French Bulldog.

Special Interests: Internship planning, Pre-Law, Social Science Majors, Salary Negotiation, Graduate school planning, First-Generation college students

Patrick Gordon Patrick Gordon
Senior Career Coach
BA, Temple University, Journalism
MJ, Temple University, Journalism

Patrick is a baseball writer and entrepreneur who thrives on inspiring and motivating college students to chase their passion as it relates to a career. His resume includes stints with various sports media outlets, including the Philadelphia Daily News and the National Lacrosse League, and he also holds press credentials from Major League Baseball as founder and managing editor of the Philadelphia Baseball Review. In addition to his journalistic ventures, he’s also spent the past decade as a mainstay in the proliferation of career services at Temple with 11+ years of experience in various roles related to professional development. “If you want something bad enough, you’ll find a way to achieve it,” he says. “I’m all about helping students understand the journey can be just as satisfying as the end result.” He lives in Horsham with his wife, son, and Goldendoodle named Spring.

Special Interests: Entrepreneurship , Creative Careers, Internship Planning, Career Development for Athletes

Jerome Walker Jerome Walker
Career Coach
BS, Shippensburg University, Sociology
MS, Shippensburg University, Counseling — Specializing in Student Personnel/Higher Ed Administration

Born and raised less than a mile away from Temple’s campus, Jerome’s grit and determination has created many opportunities that align his passion with his purpose. After finishing graduate school, Jerome relocated to Charlotte NC where he began his entrepreneurial journey as he wanted to explore both his passion for fashion and lifestyle. During his time in Charlotte, Jerome was able to create a streetwear/menswear clothing line, work as a part-time visual merchandiser for Michael Kors, and Co-host a podcast. Jerome initially began his professional career while completing his Master’s degree working in Admissions and Multicultural Student Affairs. He then spent 4 years working in community college system In Charlotte, NC where he developed his interest for professional development, transfer and career services. Currently, serving as a career coach in the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) he spends a significant amount of time holistically preparing students for professional internship opportunities. He also oversees the PDSA (Professional Development Student Association) and teach sections of CLA 1002. Jerome’s mission is to help students create a spark as he feels that spark will turn into a flame that is unstoppable!

Special Interests: Minority Career Mentoring, Entrepreneurship (Social, Fashion, Lifestyle) , Interviewing, Networking, Transfer Students (non-traditional), First-Generation College Students

Peer Advisors

We support CLA Professional Development initiatives, including event planning, program development, and social media strategy. We do our best to provide insight into the many facets of the CLA student experience, serving as eyes and ears of CLA’s student-body—ensuring the CLA Professional Development team is always student-focused and aware of today’s challenges and needs.

Najah Springer Najah Springer
Career Peer Advisor
Global Studies, 2020

Originally from Queens, New York, Najah spent her childhood living in Easton, Pennsylvania, a small quaint town surrounded by beautiful mountains and everlasting rivers. After graduating from her performing arts high school, Najah moved to Virginia majoring in Global Studies at Old Dominion University. After completing her freshman year, she made the leap of faith and transferred to Temple University her sophomore year. Since her transition to Temple University, Najah has added a French minor to her studies. Najah is excited to work on behalf of the CLA as a Peer Advisor and will strive to positively represent her role within the department. Najah has a passion for debate and politics, and is in the Model United Nations, United Nations Society, and D.I.O.P. Every Sunday at 6pm, Najah has her own show Discover Jazz through Temple University’s Student Run Radio Station; WHIP. When Najah isn’t in the library or working, she enjoys drawing, exploring Philadelphia, or hanging with friends.

Lastly, Najah has a piece of advice in which she strongly believes in “To my fellow transfer and non-transfer peers I personally know that it can feel hard to assimilate to your new school, but with clubs, volunteer opportunities and all that Temple has to offer you’ll soon be able to call Temple University home!”

Special Interests: Scholarship Opportunities,Internship Planning,Event Planning,Research

Annabelle Menla Annabelle Menla
Career Peer Advisor
Political Science, 2020

Annabelle was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. Being born to immigrant, Ghanaian parents in such an urban area gave her a different outlook on life and the value of education. After her high school graduation in 2016, Annabelle decided to attend Allegheny College in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Her choice to attend that college was influenced highly by the large amount of financial aid that was given to her. Ultimately, she was unhappy at the institution and felt out of place because of the lack of diversity and rural area. She followed her gut and transitioned to Temple University in the fall of 2018 as a junior. Within a couple of months, Annabelle became a Career Peer Advisor for the College of Liberal Arts and joined the executive board for NAACP as the Press and Publicity chair. She enjoys playing basketball, listening to R&B/Hip hop, and speaking on issues that marginalize African Americans. Her career interest is to be a political analyst and produce her own narratives on societal issues of minorities. “Listen, life is tough and has many routes. But, you have to do what makes you happy for YOU, not anyone else. Be yourself and be great because this world needs more light” said Ms. Menla.

Special Interests: Pre Law, Media Studies, Motivational Speaking, Producing Narratives on the Black Lifestyle

Bushra Ibrahim Bushra Ibrahim
Career Peer Advisor
English, 2019

Bushra Ibrahim is a senior at Temple University but started her journey to higher education at the Community College of Philadelphia. During her time there, Bushra tutored students in various subjects such as English, Philosophy, and Religion. After graduating from the college with an associate degree in Liberal Arts Honors, Bushra transferred to Temple University through the Dual Admissions program. She is now majoring in English and has a minor in Philosophy. Her career goals are to stay in the realms of higher education and hopes to become an advisor or continue her education to become a professor at the University. Higher education has always been her passion and she hopes to give back to the University by helping future students. She lives with her parents, six other siblings, and her cat named Mimi.

Special Interests: International students, Internship planning, Academic advising, Mentoring