Laura Dean — Administrator
Tel: 215-204-2644
Room 654 Weiss Hall

  • Manages and Oversees Daily Operations of Psychology Department, Psychological Services, Neuroscience Program, and Weiss Hall Animal Facility
  • Department Committee Liaison: Space and Resources
  • Back up: Theresa M. Seymour

Theresa M. Seymour — Assistant Administrator
Tel: 215-204-7008
Room 652 Weiss Hall

  • Assist Administrator with office management
  • Process Post Doc Hiring Paperwork
  • Cognos Reconciliation
  • Deposits
  • Manage Office Key Distribution
  • Back up: Lauren McDuffie

Michelle Bonilla — Assistant Administrator
Tel: 215-204-7317
Room 657 Weiss Hall

  • Provide Assistance to Chair, Faculty, Students & Staff
  • Department Committee Liaison: Chair’s Advisory, Cognitive, Colloquium, Library, Personnel, Search, Social, Web & Technology
  • Psychology Department Webmaster
  • New Faculty On Boarding
  • Management of Student-Workers
  • Back up: Lauren McDuffie

Nicole Pileggi, M.Ed. — Senior Academic Advisor
Tel: (215) 204-3403
Room 616 Weiss Hall

  • Undergraduate support
  • Assist with all aspects of the Undergraduate Program: Fielding Questions, Rosters, Registration, Drop/Add, Course Evaluations
  • Department Committee Liaison: Undergraduate
  • Back up: Kia Lavender Little

Sarah McLaughlin — Student Services Specialist/Coordinator

Tel: (215) 204-3441
Room 638 Weiss Hall

Vanessa Allen-Smith — Graduate Coordinator
Tel: 215-204-7667
Room 653 Weiss Hall

  • Assists with all aspects of the Graduate Program: Application Process, Fielding Questions, Defense  Paperwork, Tuition Remission, Registration
  • Department Committee Liaison:  Diversity, Fellowship, Graduate
  • Back up: Kia Lavender Little

Kia Lavender Little — Undergraduate Coordinator
Tel: (215) 204-5998
Room 651 Weiss Hall

  • Assist with all aspects of the Undergraduate Program: Course registration, Update Course Schedule, Drop/Add, Maintain Database, Student Evaluations, PSC Administrative Support, Order Supplies
  • Department Committee Liaison: Undergraduate & Awards
  • Back up: Nicole Pileggi

Lauren McDuffie — Department Coordinator
Tel: (215) 204-7321
Room 659 Weiss Hall

  • Provides assistance to Chair, Faculty, Students & Staff
  • Maintains Web Communications
  • Assists with Graduate Program Application Process
  • Deposits

George Arcarola — Senior Tech Support Specialist
Tel: (267) 236-6894
Room 633 Weiss Hall

  • Provides assistance to Chair, Faculty, Staff, & Students
  • Assist with all aspects of the department relating to IT