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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Mission

To develop and promote strategies and best practices to increase diversity, equity and inclusion within the Department of Psychology and across our field. We strive to promote inclusive research, scholarship and leadership by fostering a diverse and equitable educational experience.  

DEI Faculty Members:
Lisa Brand, Eunice Chen (Committee Chair), Tania Giovannetti, Deepu Murty, Sandra Sepulveda-Kozakowski, Ronald Taylor and Mathieu Wimmer. Graduate student representatives collaborate with us.

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DEI Initiatives

  • Faculty Education Initiatives: To promote faculty knowledge and awareness of diversity and inclusivity
  • Graduate Education Initiatives: To increase diversity in our graduate student body; to increase inclusivity within our graduate program; to integrate DEI training into graduate Courses
  • Undergraduate Education Initiatives: To increase diversity in undergraduates involved in research; to increase DEI awareness and training in undergraduate curricula; to increase equity and inclusivity within in our undergraduate program
  • Community Initiatives: To create community across undergraduate, graduate, and faculty groups; to sustain and nurture connections with communities in Philadelphia

Psychology Graduate Students for Inclusivity (PGSI)

PGSI is a graduate student group aimed at promoting diversity and inclusivity in the Psychology Department through several arms and initiatives. For example, the PGSI Undergraduate Arm connects with Temple undergraduates through various channels (e.g., RAs in labs, Psychology Majors Association, Careers in Psychology course) to encourage and support students from diverse backgrounds in our department. This arm also supports recruitment and retention of students from diverse backgrounds to the Temple Psychology graduate program, including organizing summer and school year programs for undergraduates who may be interested in graduate school. Undergraduate students seeking mentoring from PGSI graduate students should contact PGSI representatives at

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