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874 Weiss Hall
1701 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


Obesity, Addictions, Critical thinking, Dopamine, Opioids


I have been teaching at Temple University for 48 years. Currently I am teaching senior citizens at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute OLLI , Center City Campus, Temple University. I am happy to say that every now and then a student informs me that my lecture was awesome. I even get a round of applause now and then at OLLI. Surprise is essential for learning and memory formation. Many students tell me that my courses are demanding and that they learn a lot from me. That is how I believe it should be in any institution of higher learning.

Selected Publications

Through the years I have published many research papers. I have published six times in Science, a high prestige journal. Here are my 3 most cited research papers:

  • Beta-endorphin is associated with overeating in genetically obese mice ob/ob and rats fa/fa . DL Margules – Science, 1978 – psycnet.apa.org Cited by 506.
  • Identical” feeding” and” rewarding” systems in the lateral hypothalamus of rats. DL Margules, J Olds – Science, 1962 – sciencemag.org Cited by 305.
  • Increase of “antianxiety” activity and tolerance of behavioral depression during chronic administration of oxazepam. DL Margules, L Stein – Psychopharmacologia, 1968 – Springer Cited by 256.

Courses Taught

  • Psychology 1004 Critical thinking in Psychology
  • Psychology 1001 Introduction to Psychology