Assistant Professor

763 Gladfelter Hall
1115 W Politt Walk
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122



Sociology of Education, Suicide, Race, Immigration, College Destinations, Stratification


I am a faculty member in the Department of Sociology and Department of Psychology at Temple University. I am primarily a sociologist of education, studying how upper-middle-class families exploit resource inequalities between schools to provide educational advantages for their children, as well as how school racial segregation matters for children outside of the traditional black-white dichotomy (namely Hispanic children and multiracial children).

I also teach graduate-level statistical methods in the Psychology department

Selected Publications

  • Lee, Jennifer C., and Joshua Klugman. “Latino School Concentration and Academic Performance Among Latino Children.” Forthcoming in Social Science Quarterly.
  • Klugman, Joshua, Gretchen Condran, and Matt Wray. 2013. “The Role of Medico-Legal Systems in Producing Geographic Variation in Suicide Rates.” Social Science Quarterly 94(2): 462-489.
  • Klugman, Joshua. 2013. “The Advanced Placement Arms Race and the Reproduction of Educational Inequality.” Teachers College Record 115(5).
  • Klugman, Joshua. 2012. “How Resource Inequalities Among High Schools Reproduce Class Advantages in College Destinations.” Research in Higher Education 53(8): 803-830.
  • Klugman, Joshua, Jennifer C. Lee, and Shelley L. Nelson. 2012. “The Role of Co-ethnic Communities in Hispanic Parent Involvement in Schooling.” Social Science Research 41(5): 1320-1337.

Courses Taught

  • SOC 0825 – Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences
  • SOC 3176 – Sociology of Education
  • SOC 3201 – Statistical Methods in Sociology
  • PSY 8011 – Graduate Statistics
  • PSY 8033 – Seminar on multilevel modeling