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Associate Chairperson

Peter James Ph.D. 8529
1701 North 13th St.
Department of Psychology
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122


Behavioral neuroscience, Hormones, Reproductive behaviors, Stress, Reward


Dr. James completed a postdoctoral fellowship from The Salk Institute for Biological Studies and The Scripps Research Institute after receiving his PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience from Lehigh University and his BS in Psychology from DeSales University. His research interests have focused upon the central effects of hormones on behaviors and how stress specifically influences hormone release. In 2008, Dr. James began teaching Psychology and Neuroscience courses for the Department of Psychology at Temple University. In 2012, Dr. James began serving as the Associate Chair for the Department of Psychology at Temple University.

Selected Publications

  • James, P., Rivier, C., & Lee, S. Presence of corticotrophin-releasing factor and/or tyrosine hydroxylase in cells of a neural brain-testicular pathway that are labelled by a transganglionic tracer. Journal of Neuroendocrinology, 2008, 20: 173-181.
  • James, PJ., Nyby, JG., & Saviolakis, G. Sexually stimulated testosterone release in male mice (Mus musculus): Roles of genotype and sexual arousal. Hormones & Behavior, 2006 Sep, 50(3): 424-31.

Courses Taught

  • Brain Matters
  • Behavioral Neuroscience
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Development, Plasticity, and Repair
  • Discovering Psychology
  • Internship (in Psychology)
  • Practicum (in Psychology)
  • Scientific Thinking
  • Teaching of Psychology
  • Techniques in Neuroscience