1. Visit http://temple.sona-systems.com
  2. Login using your username and password.
  3. Select Create New Study under Add New Study.
  4. Complete all relevant fields. Remember to add your IRB Protocol Number to the Name Field (e.g., “Study 07-221 My Experiment”). Complete the credit field using ½ hour increments. For example, if the study is 15 minutes, that is .5 credits. If the study is 45 minutes, that is 1 credit. In short, round time up to credits in increments of 30 min (.5 credits). That will make things cleaner across studies.
  5. Click on Add Study
  6. Now go to My Studies and click on the study to View and Administer Time Slots.

After these steps are complete, contact either Dr. Weisberg (robert.weisberg@temple.edu) or Michelle Ennis (miennis@temple.edu) and they will make the study visible to participants.