Generally, the Psychology Department will not consider admitting Temple graduates into its graduate program.  There are three reasons for this policy.  First, it does not look good on a student’s record for him or her to have completed both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the same institution.  Someone looking at the student’s record when he or she is applying for a job might be tempted to ask: “Couldn’t they get admitted somewhere else?”  Second, it does not look good for a department to admit students from its undergraduate program, again because questions can be raised: “Didn’t anyone outside the university apply to the program?”  Third, neither students nor faculty will benefit from being around the same people (and their ideas) for many years.  Familiarity does not foster original thinking.

Under special circumstances, however, such admissions may be considered.  Consideration will be given to such factors as whether such admission would encourage the applicant’s professional development; whether the applicant has obtained additional education from other institutions; whether the applicant has obtained professional experience outside of Temple; whether the applicant has overcome substantial obstacles in pursuing a graduate education; and whether extraordinary circumstances prevent the applicant from pursing a graduate education at another institution.  If you are a Temple undergraduate and you feel that your case meets one or more of the above factors, then by all means apply.

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