BCS Faculty & Research

Faculty and students in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Program are working on a wide range of research questions across the domains of cognition, perception, and neuroscience.  Students in this program are presented with a unique opportunity for integrative work across a variety of perspectives.  A list of faculty working in the BCS Program is given below, along with a brief indication of their research interests.

In addition to pursuing a Ph.D. in the Psychology Department, graduate students with neuroscience interests can also receive a Specialization in Neuroscience through the interdisciplinary Neuroscience@Temple Program, which includes faculty from the Biology, Pharmacology, Physical Therapy, and Psychology Departments.

For further information or questions concerning the Doctoral Program in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, contact:

Dr. Ingrid Olson
Director, Brain and Cognitive Sciences
Email: iolson@temple.edu

Visit our frequently asked questions page for more information on the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Program.

BCS Faculty & Research Interests

Interdisciplinary Program in Decision Neuroscience

Some of the laboratories and research groups of BCS Faculty members are also part of a new interdisciplinary PhD program in Decision Neuroscience. The program is currently being coordinated through the Fox School of Business at Temple and is accepting graduate students for Fall 2016. Please click here for more information.