Does the Psychology Department offer a master’s program in clinical psychology?

No, we do not offer a terminal master’s program in clinical psychology.  All clinical students must be accepted and enrolled in our full-time Ph.D. program in clinical psychology.

Does the Psychology Department accept part-time clinical students?

No, we do not.  The clinical program and its training experiences are only open to full-time, non-working doctoral students enrolled in the Psychology Department’s Ph.D. program.

Can you send me information about your program and an application packet in the mail?

We are no longer sending program information and application materials out by mail. All available information about our graduate program and the application process – including all necessary application materials and forms – can be accessed directly from our website – the very one you’re on right now. There is no additional information available to be sent to you.

I am interested in applying to your program and was wondering whether it would be convenient for me to make a visit to the campus and possibly meet a graduate student or professor before I send in my application?

In light of the large number of applications we receive each year, we are unable to grant requests for interviews and in-person meetings prior to the invited admissions interviews. However, you should feel free to email one or more of our faculty members with whom you might be interested in working and let them know of your interest or ask them a question if you’d like. Of course, if you are in the area you can certainly stop by and look around the campus, but we will generally not be able to set up appointments for you to meet with students or faculty. If you do apply and are one of the approximately 60-70 applicants invited to participate in one of our interview days in late January, you will have ample opportunity to meet with faculty and graduate students at that time.

Do you have an Open House for prospective graduate students?

No, we don’t conduct any open houses or informational sessions for our program. Instead, we invite approximately 60-70 applicants to attend one of our two interview days in late January.

Do any additional forms need to be submitted in order to be considered for a research or teaching assistantship or for other forms of financial assistance?

No, there are no such additional forms. We do not accept students into our program without funding them. Every offer of admission comes with an assistantship or fellowship attached, which includes full tuition remission, stipend, and health care benefit, so applying for admission is all you need to do. If you are invited to come for an interview, we will explain the specific forms of funding available to you in more detail during your visit.

Is it possible to find out which faculty in the clinical psychology graduate program will be accepting students in Fall 2017?

The exact distribution changes from year to year, but most faculty members will plan to accept at least one student each year, and some more than one. Furthermore, each faculty member’s situation can change somewhat as we go through the process. However, we will indicate on our site any faculty members who do not plan to accept students for 2017. If you are generally interested in our program, we encourage you to go ahead and apply. If your interest is very specific to one or two faculty members, and you do not see them listed as not planning to take a student next year, the best thing to do is contact faculty with whom you might be interested in working, and ask them directly how many students they hope to accept for next year.

Does Temple’s clinical program have a child clinical track or specialization?

We do not offer a child track per se. However, in recognition of the department’s strengths in both the child clinical and developmental areas, as well as the growing interest in this field, we do offer something we call a developmental psychopathology concentration. It is not a formal program, and as such there are no specific requirements. It is rather a list of recommended courses and training experiences for students in either the clinical or developmental programs wishing to emphasize this aspect of their training. For more details please click here.

Do you require the GRE Advanced (i.e., Psychology) test?

We do not require it, but we do encourage it. It is particularly important if you are applying to our program and have little background in psychology, because we find it useful under those circumstances to know how familiar you are with basic concepts in psychology. If you do have a background in psychology and have submitted a score on the advanced test, we will consider your score as part of the overall application package.

How many applications do you get each year?

It varies from year to year. In recent years we have received around 400-500 applications. For example, in 2015 we received approximately 475 applications for the entering class, and we accepted 11 students.

How many students do you accept?

That number varies from year to year as well, but generally lies somewhere around 9-12. We have not yet determined the exact number of students we can accept for the Fall 2017 incoming class, but we anticipate it being in that range.

What is the process once my application packet is complete?

Completed applications for the clinical program are reviewed by the Clinical Admissions Director and members of the clinical faculty with whom you have indicated a strong interest in working. Each faculty member who reviews the application gives it a rating based on merit and potential fit to the program, as well as to the individual faculty member’s program of research. Based on those ratings, we will select approximately 60-70 applicants to invite for on-campus interviews. We hope to begin extending those invitations in early January. We hold all of our admissions interviews over a two-day period in late January.

How many faculty members will evaluate my application?

Every application is reviewed and rated by at least the member of the clinical faculty ranked as your highest choice for potential mentor on the Graduate Data Sheet. In many cases, your second and third choice mentors will also review your application as well. Each faculty member then selects a group of applicants to invite for the on-campus interviews as potential students to work with. Therefore, it is important that you attend closely to potential interest overlap and fit to the mentor(s) you rank highest, as potential fit is an extremely important factor in determining your chances of being invited to interview.

If I am unable to make it to Philadelphia for either of your interview days, can I do a phone or skype interview instead? How would this affect my chances of admission?

If you are invited for an interview and are seriously interested in our program, we would urge you to make every effort to be here for one of our interview days. We do not encourage or conduct phone or video conference interviews on a routine basis. However, we do recognize that sometimes it just isn’t possible for a candidate to arrange travel to Philadelphia for either of our dates, especially given the short time frame within which we must work. If you absolutely cannot make it, we will try to arrange for you to speak with one or two faculty members and graduate student over the phone or video conference. We cannot make a blanket statement about how this would affect your chances of admission, because each case is unique. We have accepted students who have interviewed in this way, but it is certainly in your best interest to make every effort to interview in person if you can.

Will I be notified if I am not going to be invited for an interview?

Once we have selected the applicants to whom we are offering interviews, we will contact them directly by email, typically in early January. All other applicant files are sent to the Graduate School, which, in turn, will notify those applicants that they will not be receiving offers of admission. Since this process typically takes several weeks at least, applicants who have not been invited to interview will not likely be informed of such by the Graduate School until sometime after all interviews are granted and admissions offers have been extended. However, we will post an admissions update to the clinical program’s webpage once we have completed the process of extending all of our invitations for interviews, so that those who have not been contacted will know that an invitation will not be forthcoming. Please check the webpage around mid-January for that update. Please do not call the Psychology Department or the Graduate School for updates on your status. Instead, please monitor the clinical psychology program’s webpage for links to any admissions updates, or contact Dr. Robert Fauber by email at if you require additional information.