A Temple University psychology degree can take you to a great internship and a rewarding career. Get to know some of your featured alumni—one day you might just join them! So make your declaration, review our application deadlines and learn how to apply!

Where Can a Degree in Psychology Take You?

Your Career Getting your psychology education is about more than getting your psychology degree. It’s about preparing for your future. With the knowledge and skills you’ll learn as an undergraduate Psychology major (e.g., critical thinking, understanding human behavior) you will find yourself with a multitude of career and graduate study opportunities upon graduation. Psychology majors often go into careers involving research, human resources, education, marketing, social services, or healthcare. Many psychology majors also go on to graduate study in psychology or other fields, including counseling, law, medicine, occupational or speech therapy, or business.

The formal course Careers in Psychology teaches Temple Psychology majors about their career options. This course, designed to be taken by students in their first year as a psychology major, introduces students to the various career and graduate school options that are available to them after graduation.

Another valuable option comes through our Psychology Internship and Practicum courses, which provide placements in the Philadelphia and often provide valuable opportunities to develop workplace connections and skills.

The stories below feature some of our outstanding alumni, and they further illustrate the diversity of options available to Psychology graduates.

Alumni Spotlight

  • Beth Garrison
    Beth Garrison is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, Licensed Behavior Specialist
    B.A. in Psychology from Temple in 2007

  • Syreeta Gary Washington
    Professor and Psychology Coordinator at Rowan College at Burlington County (RCBC)
    B.A. in Psychology from Temple in 1998

  • Rolanda Findlay
    Lieutenant Commander (LCDR); Aerospace Experimental Psychologist
    B.A. in Psychology from Temple in 2004

  • Marcus Allen
    CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters Independence Region
    B.A. in Psychology from Temple in 2001

  • Jonathan S. Comer
    Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at Florida International University
    M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a Concentration in Developmental Psychopathology from Temple

  • Wayne Mackey
    Postdoctoral fellow in David Heeger’s Computational Neuroimaging Lab at NYU
    B.A. in Psychology from Temple in 2012

  • Mark Schenker
    Clinical Psychologist
    M.A. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Temple

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