Participating in Psychology Research at Temple

There are various opportunities to participate in psychology research studies at Temple.

If you are a Temple student, one way to find out more about participating in research is through the Sona Systems site at:

For those who are not Temple students, below is a list of research groups organized by the age groups of people that typically participate in their research studies. Please click the specific links for more information on current studies.

Infants and Young Children (1-4 years)

Developmental Science Lab

Temple Infant and Child Lab (Ambler campus)

Temple Cognition & Learning Lab

Older Children (5-12 years)

Temple Cognition & Learning Lab


Mood and Cognition Lab  (ages 14-16 years)

Temple University Neurocognition Lab

Adolescent Decision Making Lab


Research in Spatial Cognition Lab

Mechanisms of Affect Dysregulation Lab