New Psychology courses, available starting in Spring 2016, introduce students to the specialties in psychology that focus on understanding health and illness.
Courses are open to all students, including Psychology majors. However, Psychology Majors are not eligible for this minor.

If you are pursuing a career in nursing, speech therapy, kinesiology, public health or another health- related discipline, this series of courses will help you understand and treat your future patients. This minor also will help pre-­med students prepare for the new MCAT exam, which has been modified to include psychology topics.

Requirements include five Intro/Foundation- level courses:

  • PSY 1001: Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 1003: Statistics for Psychology
  • PSY 1004: Critical Thinking in Psychology
  • NEW! PSY 2601: Foundations of Health Psychology*
  • PSY 2201: Foundations in Psychopathology

And two 3000- level Clinical/Health Psychology Courses. Choose from several courses, including:

  • NEW! PSY 3601: Social Health Psychology
  • NEW! PSY 3602: Clinical Neuropsychology
  • NEW! PSY 3603: Clinical Applications of Health Psychology
  • PSY 3223: Child Psychopathology and Treatment PSY 3561
  • Psychopharmacology
    and several more…

*The new course PSY 2601 is a prerequisite for PSY 3601, PSY 3602, and PSY 3603. Check the Undergraduate Bulletin for more information about courses and the new minor including course prerequisites.