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University Community Collaborative

University Community Collaborative

The University Community Collaborative (UCC) prepares and supports young people on their journeys to become confident, effective civic-minded leaders. Engaging approximately 130 youths per year (ages 14-24), UCC’s programming is distinguished by its emphasis on long-term development, its incorporation of youth leaders into the collaborative’s organizational structure, its social justice/community building orientation and its location on a university campus.

Faculty Publications

Andrew Buss

  • Buss, A., & Lardy, J. (2015). A New Community Space: The Culture of the Urban Bike Café. Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and Extra Urban Studies, 5(3-4), 13-25.

Elise Chor

Matthew Knittel

  • How Would Small Business Owners Fare Under a Business Entity Tax?” National Tax Journal 64(1) (December 2011), 949-75, (with Susan Nelson).

  • “Methodology to Identify Small Businesses and Their Owners.” U.S. Department of Treasury, Office of Tax Analysis Technical Paper No. 4 (April 2011), (with Susan Nelson, Jason DeBacker, John Kitchen, James Pearce, Richard Prisanzano).

  • “The Implications of Tax Asymmetry for U.S. Corporations.” National Tax Journal 63(1) (March 2010), 33-62, (with Michael Cooper).

  • “Understanding U.S. Corporate Tax Losses”, NBER Working Paper No. 14405 (October 2008), (with Rosanne Altshuler, Alan Auerbach and Michael Cooper).

Gary Mucciaroni

New and Forthcoming Work on Abortion policy and LGBTQ Rights

  • “Framing Morality Policy Issues: State Legislative Debates on Abortion Restrictions” Gary Mucciaroni (with Kathleen Ferraiolo and Meghan E. Rubado) Policy Sciences, online publication October 2018.

  • “Whither the LGBTQ Movement in a Post-Civil Rights Era?” In LGBTQ Politics: A Critical Reader. Edited by Marla Brettschneider, Susan Burgess and Christine Keating, Chapter 27. New York University Press, September, 2017.

  • “Will Victory Bring Change? A Mature Social Movement Faces the Future,” In After Marriage Equality, Edited by Carlos A. Ball, chapter 1. New York University Press, May, 2019

  • “Morality Politics: Abortion and Gay Rights Politics in the U.S. and Canada,” (with Francesca Scala) In Differences That Matter: Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in the United States and Canada, Edited by Colin Campbell, Paul J. Quirk and Mark Warren, eds., Chapter 12, Oxford University Press. April, 2019

Work under review on the Politics of Labor and Industrial Relations

  • Answers to the Labor Question: The Origins of Industrial Relations Regimes in the Anglophone World, 1880-1945. New book manuscript. A study comparing and contrasting the political and institutional origins of the state’s role in industrial relations in five nations.

Joseph P. McLaughlin, Jr.

  • Lecture, An Introduction to American Government, for 25 public officials from Vietnam in the Executive Leadership program, Fox School of Business, Temple University, 2019.

  • Lecture, Failed Public Investments: Lessons Learned, for 25 public officials from Vietnam in the Executive Leadership program, Fox School of Business, Temple University, 2019.

  • Co-author with Jay Jennings and Stefanie Kasparek, The Pennsylvania Policy Database Project, in Comparative Policy Agendas Theory, Tools Data, edited by Frank R. Baumgartner, Christian Breunig, and Emiliano Grossman. Oxford University Press, 2019.

  • Remembering Dan Elazar. Tribute Page, Center for the Study of Federalism, Lafayette College, 2016.

  • Co-editor, Special Issue on Education, COMMONWEALTH, A Journal of Pennsylvania Politics and Policy. 2016-17.

  • My Life as a Thinker and Doer in Politics, Pennsylvania Political Science Association Annual Meeting, 2015.

Christina Rosan

Michael Sances

  • “The Politics of Policy: The Initial Mass Political Effects of Medicaid Expansion in the States.” With Joshua Clinton. American Political Science Review112(1): 167-185. February 2018.

  • Attribution Errors in Federalist Systems: When Voters Punish the President for Local Tax Increases.” Journal of Politics 79(4): 1286-1301. October 2017.

  • “Who Pays for Government? Descriptive Representation and Exploitative Revenue Sources.” With Hye Young You. Journal of Politics 79(3): 1090-1094. July 2017.

Gerald Stahler

  • Stahler, G. J., Mennis, J., & Ducette, J. P. (2016). Residential and outpatient treatment completion for substance use disorders in the U.S.: Moderation analysis by demographics and drug of choice. Addictive Behaviors, 58, 129-135.

  • Mennis, J., & Stahler, G. J. (2016). Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment Episode Completion for Different Substances. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment, 63, 25-33.

  • Welsh, W., Hsiu-Ju, L., Peters, R., Stahler, G.J., Lehman, W., Stein, L., Monico, L., Eggers, M., Abdel-Salam, S., Pierce, J., Hunt, E., Gallagher, C., Frisman, L. (2015). Effects of a strategy to improve offender assessment practices: Staff perceptions of implementation outcomes. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 152, 230-238.

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